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i just saw your ava adore forstiron edit and nearly died. Just a few mins earlier i was listing to Stand Inside You Love and mused on how good the songs of Smashing Pumpkins goes for Loki and Tony.

Wow first time I’m answering (and posting in general) since like forever. Thank you for your kind words, yes Smashing Pumpkins’s songs do fit quite well in the FrostIron angst.

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Announcement for you people

As you can see I haven’t updated my blog for two weeks now. Yeah I know, it sucks but I’m really busy because lol social life. So I’ve decided that I’ll be making one graphic every week for you guys. Requests are always open like i said before, so feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do for you guys.

So I guess I’ll see you in a week then.

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Hello, I just got a hint to your blog saying that you used some of my fanart... I'd really like it if you could give credit to me. It's the bottom one in post 31146128835 and Tony's profile in post 31991026586. If you remember where you found my work without it being credited (because in your own words, that must be the case, or you would have given me credit, right?), I would really love to know so I can go and bust their asses for posting my work without credit.

Hey, I’ve edited these two posts and gave you the credit. The thing is that most of the fan art I used in the past, I found it on Tumblr while scrolling through my dash and I have no idea from where I actually got it. So when I used them, I didn’t know who to tag and give the credits. If you happen to recognise any of the other fan art I used, let me know so I can tag the creators as well. The truth is that I stopped using fan art because of that reason.

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This blog is now taking requests

What’s your personal FrostIron hymn? Would you like me to make a related graphic? If so, then leave a message in my ask. I won’t ignore any message.


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Bringing together my feels for The Feeling and frostiron.. You might have just broken me. Which is fine. It's all fine. Good to know there's still people out there who appreciate the band.

Yeah man, I love that band. I was like 12 when this song came out and I still remember the music video. And it fits so well in this OTP.